At HR180 we pride ourselves on taking the stress out of HR by doing things for you, however, should you wish to find out more yourself, this is the place! Useful articles, latest HR news, our quarterly bulletin and links to other helpful organisations are all here at the touch of a button. Apprenticeship Levy, what SMEs need to do now

The Apprenticeship levy is now in force and companies with an annual wage bill of £3,000,000 or more should now be paying an additional 0.5% of their wage bill to the HMRC (minus the £15,000 allowance). Most companies, however, don’t realise that this pot of money is theirs to spend on development of their own […]

June 14, 2017


‘Deadline to the breadline’: low savings worries affect workplace performance

Employers can help their employees to become more productive simply by helping with money worries. We look at two reports this year which taken together can help UK businesses to understand the link between lack of savings and poor performance – and what employers can do about it! By Rachel Bentley Employees in the UK […]

June 12, 2017


HR Contracts Strategy Thought LeadershipDirectors and Shareholders – different as Lemons and Limes!

MD and founder of HR180, Claire Morley-Jones, is a thought leader across the HR and Strategy organisational functions. Here Claire talks about a client’s recent experiences where senior roles have not been clear and the potentially expensive – and definitely damaging – consequences. By Claire Morley-Jones I have recently been working on a large and complex […]

June 9, 2017


Empoyee whistleblowing and employer responsilibities in the workplace – what does it really mean?

Employees are often afraid to speak up if they see something happening that should not be happening at work.  However, employers are often sceptical of employees raising concerns and claiming to be whistleblowing when they are not.  So what is whistleblowing, and what kind of policy do you need to have in place? HR180’s HR […]

June 7, 2017


Fasting in the month of Ramadahn – the HR180 experience!

Monday 5 June is a special day for us at HR180 as we support our colleague and HR Assistant, Nuhman Sharif, with something that is very important to him. Here is his take on the day. By Nuhman Sharif As Muslims, we are taught to fast for around 30 days in the month of Ramadahn, so […]

June 5, 2017


Employee Wellbeing Mental Health Workplace8 practical ways to promote workplace mental health well-being

On the day (1 June 2017) that research has been publicised which suggests that public sector staff are more likely to take sick days off for mental health causes than employees in the private sector, our HR Partner, Ellie Garnett, suggests ways in which employers can help – and why it makes sense to do […]

June 1, 2017


The 5 Benefits of having an up-to-date Employee Handbook (and the joys of the Ikea Kallax shelf unit)

HR Assistant, Simon Underwood, takes a look at why an organisation needs to having an Employee Handbook. Read on for 5 benefits of having an up-to-date Employee Handbook, and what that has to do with Ikea…   A Lego Imperial Tie Fighter, an Ikea Kallax shelf unit and the child’s game Mouse Trap. These are things that […]

May 30, 2017


Data Protection Tips HR Leeds YorkshireData Protection: 8 questions to ask about your business

Data protection: dull as dish water, or potential hot water? Our superhero HR Manager Becky Mee takes a look at the boring bits as well as the more juicy ones! Read on for 8 questions you need to be asking about your own business, and how you can get help to keep within the law… By […]

May 24, 2017


General Election 17 Nationalisation bad for businessNationalisation or National Crisis? 5 reasons why it could be harmful to SMEs

With just under 3 weeks to the General Election, Claire Morley-Jones, MD and founder of HR180, takes a look at Nationalisation (as proposed in the Labour Manifesto) and why it could well be harmful for SMEs and workers alike.  By Claire Morley-Jones   Whilst the thought of yet another three weeks of election blurb fills me with […]

May 23, 2017


5 Common errors made by Millennials applying for their first job, and how businesses can get the best out of them

Our youngest HR Manager, Laura Rigby, falls into the ‘Millennial Generation’. Seeing some of the issues from the inside, both as a millennial and as an HR professional, Laura considers the gap between Millennials’ capabilities and expectations on applying for a role, and introduces how businesses can get the best from their young team. By Laura Rigby There […]

May 22, 2017


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