Ten building blocks for a better business team

August 8, 2017

With team building being good for business, there are many ways and means to bring people together to work better. The team at HR180 had an amazing ‘away day’ in the woods led by Ecotherapist, Hayley Gillard, this spring, for example. 

On a day-to-day basis, what can SME owners and managers do to make their teams work together better and help build a better business? Here, Claire Morley-Jones presents ten building blocks for a better business team.

By Claire Morley-Jones

Working in a team is the foundation upon which businesses are built. A one-man-band wants to grow their business so takes on their first employees and a team is formed.

Now what?

It’s at this point that businesses can expand, with everyone’s disparate experiences being brought together for the greater good, or crumble, if those people fail to unite.

Sometimes businesses themselves can stop their teams from performing as effectively as they might.

Here are some ideas to bring people together and build business success in these changing times.

Ten building blocks for a better business

1. There must be trust between the individuals in a team. Make sure you put aside time to build trust and allow your teams to get to know each other. Have fun together, enjoy shared experiences and find out more about one another!

2. Communication is key in all aspects of working in a team. What are the most effective ways your team can communicate, how can you evaluate the output from the team, review and celebrate achievements?

3. Create a sense of belonging – this will create much more commitment within the team. This can extend to involving the team when a new team member is recruited.

4. We are talking about teams but in reality a team is a set of unique people. This is a good thing as a well-built team will bring views, ideas and experience developed by individuals leading to better ideas and solutions. Recognise the value of each individual in your teams.

5. Following on from point 4, by allowing everyone in your teams a voice it will lead to greater creativity. Nothing ruled in, nothing ruled out! Forget those, “We tried that before and it didn’t work” conversations!

6. Effective Team Leaders – and succession planning for when they move on – is a key part to building your business on the back of successful teams.

7. Allow your teams to participate in making high quality decisions and sharing best practice between teams.

8. Procedures are important but make sure your teams are not weighed down by policy. However, procedures around conflict resolution may be well be useful – we’d like to say all teams are harmonious but that doesn’t happen in the real world!

9. Create a culture of continuous improvement – individual team members must feel free to examine the team’s performance, consider where aspects of the business strategy are being held back and how to improve for the future.

10. Involve your teams in thoroughly understanding company goals, expectations and objectives in order to help set the teams’ objectives and the individuals’ objectives and to recognise when business goals have been achieved, and celebrate success – more opportunity for the team to gel!


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