Work-life balance – a hot topic for 2016!

February 8, 2016

Since Flexible Working became accessible to all employees in 2014, the concept of a work life balance has become somewhat of a hot topic and something that many employees are now striving to achieve. Many businesses have also started to embrace the term and quite frankly, if you are not open to the concept, you may become less attractive to potential employees, as there are many other businesses out there that are!Flexible work

So, what is it that has generated such a buzz around work-life balance?
When Flexible Working was introduced in 2014, it gave employees the opportunity to tailor their work around their specific life circumstances, bringing legislation bang up to date with current employee needs. In our modern day, an employee’s needs can vary dependent on age and circumstance, some employees may want flexible working to study, so they can further their career, others may have a young family to care for, or you may want to begin reducing your hours in order to prepare for retirement – whatever your needs, a work life balance is now accessible to you.

As an employer, you may be starting to think that a work life balance is merely a benefit to employees – this is not the case. Allowing your employees to realise a healthier balance between work commitments and other responsibilities can have a number of positive benefits:

  • A more motivated workforce
  • Higher employee retention
  • A wider pool of applicants will be attracted to your company
  • Reduced levels of absence due to sickness and stress
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased performance levels

And if you still need more reasons to understand the positives of a healthy work life balance, it also makes for happier employees, which makes for a thriving business! You will be rewarded with increased loyalty and commitment meaning your employees will be more focused on their work and in turn will want to develop a career with you!

Sounds like an all-round win-win situation to me!

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