The Benefits of Great Workplace Design

February 25, 2020

Goodbye dated decor, hello inspirational interior…

There’s no denying that office design has come on leaps and bounds in recent years – no more stuffy carpets, grey walls and echoing silence!

However, workplace design is so much more than desktops and drawers. Your office space is a reflection of your business, the way that you work together and the values that you uphold, as well as creating a positive space for collaboration and innovation.

Everyone works differently!

In the age of laptops, flexibility and automation, the things that employees look for in a workplace have changed. To adapt to the change in working styles of future generations is the only way to stay competitive – and this doesn’t mean a DIY SOS style take over! Simply offering a change of scenery, a quiet zone or some comfy seating can work wonders for the productivity and engagement of your staff. Everyone works differently, of course, so having work space options for your team is key. For example, here at HR180, Kim enjoys working from her desk (where she keeps her HR bible), Molly likes a comfy chair by the window, and I tend to hop around the whole office, from sofa to bean bag and back again!

Encourage positivity and productivity

An environment that makes employees feel motivated and at ease promotes a positive atmosphere amongst the whole team, whilst increasing productivity, engagement and overall employee well being. Offering both quiet and communal work spaces can be especially effective for improving the health of your employees, who may struggle to achieve in a bustling, loud office, or find a lack of inspiration in working quietly alone.

Retain stars and attract new talent!

An attractive office space that caters to the needs of your employee’s won’t just be a great way to retain the staff that you already have, but will be key in the decision making process of others who might want to work with you too. A study from YouGov found that 79% of people admitted that when they’re looking for a new workplace, the space that’s offered by the business would make them more likely to want the position. After all, if employees feel like they have what they need to succeed, it’s likely that they will!

Workplace design isn’t something that should be overlooked – it’s an important factor in engaging your employees and making sure that your company culture is on top form. It can be a costly investment, but worth every penny!

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