Supporting Women in the Workplace

March 5, 2020

This week, we’re celebrating the women in our workplace with #IWD right around the corner – and whilst supporting the women in your teams should go far past infinity and BEYOND, International Women’s Day seems like a great place to start.

Empower your employees

Make sure to always encourage an inclusive culture, where everyone knows that they can speak up and that their voice will be heard! The only way that your team will ever achieve both success and innovation is if every member has the confidence to express their ideas, their thoughts and their concerns. No woman, and nobody, should ever feel overpowered in the meeting room – make sure that your organisation has a culture of open communication and support for the opinions of everybody.

‘Women are expected to work like they don’t have children and raise children like they don’t work.’

Supporting the mums in your workplace is so important! Here at HR180, our culture shouts from the rooftops that family always comes first. Especially on their return to work, many mum’s can feel like an imposter, or as if they need to keep up a dual identity in order to be successful within their roles. Where possible, offering flexible or remote working for those who may need it is a great way to offer support as an employer to the working mums within your business!

However, it’s important to consider that gender equality will never be achieved in the workplace if the same parenting policies are not extended to working dads. In some cases, offering flexibility and time off for new fathers can be a helping hand in a woman’s return to work after maternity leave.

Keep up with Kudos!

Showing your appreciation for the women on your team this #InternationalWomensDay is a super simple way to start! Spend a minute to thank them for the work that they do, or even pass on a virtual ‘cheers’ whilst you’re all busy at work! Recognising your employee helps to create a positive culture, as well as helping your organisation retain its superstar staff!

For more on how to support women in the workplace, check out some of these helpful sources!

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