Preparing your team for a change

March 4, 2019

Kim Mills, one of our fabulous HR Assistants, talks us through the process of change and how it can affect your team.

By Kim Mills

To run a successful business you need to move with the times and adapt to the current climate otherwise your business can get left behind. Slicker processes, new systems, a restructure or relocating the team are a handful of changes that may need to happen to keep up with the ever changing business market, but how can you bring in change without upsetting and potentially losing key members of the team?

You need to keep the team motivated without disrupting their performance during times of uncertainty which can be a challenge. People deal with and process change in different ways and as a manager you need to realise, understand and identify this.

Prepare to communicate the change

Prepare for every eventuality, think about the concerns that people may have to resist the change and prepare your answers. You don’t want to have the conversation with the team and make it look like you haven’t thought it through properly yourself.  Choose the right time, place and make sure everyone can be present.

Communicate the change in detail

Teams learn how to embrace change when you take the time to clarify the issues at hand.   This requires you to make sure your team understands the changes they are faced with – and what they potentially mean to the organisation as a whole. Remember not everyone will show their concerns with the full group so offer one 2 one meetings or consultations in order for people to ask questions and raise concerns. Put them at ease and explain the reasons why, give them the positives and explain to them that it’s for their own good that these changes are happening. Remove the fear factor from their minds and get them to embrace it.

Involve the team

Get them involved in the change as much as possible, ask for feedback and get them to share ideas. By getting them involved, it makes them feel more positive and understand that you want the best for the whole team. You may even find a better idea.

Communicate every step of the way

Even if there’s no update, communicate this. There’s nothing worse than hearing nothing. It makes people think the worst, makes them think you and the business doesn’t care and leaves them with negative feelings on the change. Once this happens you will never be able to implement the change with the team behind you.

How we deliver and communicate is key and if you remember this you will have a team willing to make the most of the change with you.


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