Dogs in the office – yay or nay!?

April 10, 2024

🚀🐾 It’s time to unleash some superhero-level benefits in the office as we talk about DOGS at work! 🐶✨   

 For almost the entire history of HR180, we’ve welcomed our furry companions as integral additions to our team, from Chief Naptime Officers to Morale Commanders. Whilst we have taken this leap, and reaped the benefits, over the years we’ve noticed that whilst pets at work is definitely on the increase, there are still a multitude of objections. 

 Allowing pets, most especially dogs, at work does depend on a number of things but most importantly your culture, so you need to examine this first!  If you have a culture where people don’t feel valued, their behaviour to your business and their colleagues is likely to be functional perhaps even disrespectful and uncaring.  Does the team take care of each other?  Do they take care of their environment, such as putting their dirties in the dishwasher and replacing the toilet rolls?  Would all team members be horrified if they upset a colleague? 

 If the answer to those questions is “yes absolutely”, then you already have great foundations for a pets at work policy to succeed.  If team members won’t take responsibility for themselves and their pets and would put their needs above their colleagues, then a pet policy is likely to fail. 

 Even with the right environment, there could still be some objections so read on to understand the potential pitfalls and major considerations.  (We’ve mainly used dogs as our example in this article as they are closest to our own hearts and experiences.) 

 Firstly, lets talk benefits!  Dogs aren’t just adorable sidekicks; they’re potent sources of social and emotional support. Their unconditional love knows no bounds, providing a cheerful distraction during tough times and releasing tension like superhero stress-relievers. Plus, the simple act of petting them reduces blood pressure, boosts mood, and promotes well-being! 

 But the benefits don’t stop there! Taking our canine companions for walks not only gives us a much-needed break from screens but also enhances mindfulness, productivity, and heart health. You don’t need us to tell you that healthier employees equals fewer sick days and doctor’s visits impacting on your productivity. 

 And we’re not only doing ourselves some good!  By welcoming dogs particularly into the workplace, we’re not only improving our own well-being but also making an impact on the welfare of thousands of furry friends nationwide. It’s a win-win situation with huge rewards! 

 Now that we hopefully have you hooked on the idea, let’s address some common objections that people raise with us and how to overcome them so you too can have your own office full of furry friends:  

 “What if the perfect candidate is terrified of dogs?”  

Don’t let fear stand in the way of hiring top talent. Simply ensure candidates are fully aware of your furry team members and empower them to make an informed decision. Explain clearly how you prioritise creating a safe and inclusive environment for all.  At HR180, we’ve witnessed real fear and apprehension transform over time and with careful management into admiration as even the most hesitant individuals embrace our furry coworkers. 

 “What if it causes chaos?”  

A little chaos is inevitable, however offset by the amazing benefits. Establish clear rules and if needed a three-strikes policy to maintain order in the office. 

 “What if we end up with too many dogs?”  

No problem! Simply organise a canine crew meet-up to ensure harmony in the workplace, and rotas limiting the quantities if needed. 

 I’m sure you’re now desperate to hear those doggy paws strolling into the office. To embark on your own journey toward a pet-friendly workplace, follow our simple 4 phase introduction:  

  1. Establish clear guidelines that make sense for the office,  
  2. Conduct a doggy day trial,  
  3. Designate pet-free zones,  
  4. Communicate expectations to all (even our dogless colleagues!) 

 Remember, if you need further guidance, either get in contact with us, or our intergalactic allies at Purina are here to help! May your days be filled with interstellar joy and plenty of doggy delight! 🌟🐾  


#DogsAtWork #StressAwarenessMonth #WorkplaceWellness 🐾🚀 

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