Top ten ways to improve your company culture

August 6, 2019

Laura is thinking about ways to spread the positivity this week – build your company culture! 

1. Embrace transparency

A transparent company culture can positively impact your entire organisation, by giving employees an insight into the operations and future of the business. Trust is the foundation of a fantastic company culture and there are many great ways to build trust within your team – check out our blog on trust building to find out more at

2. Recognise and Reward

Research proves that companies where valuable contributions are recognised and rewarded have much lower staff turnover rates. It’s important to identify specific behaviours and results aligned with your company’s goals and values and reward those as frequently as you can.

3. Encourage strong co-worker relationships

Building strong colleague relationships takes time and effort but can increase employee engagement. Think about your work environment and ask yourself if it’s conducive to building strong relationships. If it isn’t, make changes that promote interaction such as a hub, garden space or offer free tea and coffee in the kitchen area.

4. Inspire employee autonomy

Micro-managing won’t help your case if you’re trying to build trust within your organisation. Trust your employees to effectively manage their own tasks – this will also encourage your team members to embrace accountability.

5. Introduce flexibility

If it’s possible within your organisation, offering flexibility can improve morale, reduce the turnover of staff and promote trust within the organisation. This can include flexi-time, job sharing or working from home.

6. Communicate your purpose

Are your employees passionate and keen to make an impact with the work that they do? Finding out what’s important to your employees is a good way to understand their goals and aspirations. This way, you can help your team to see the purpose in their work.

7. Promote a team atmosphere

Your colleagues and employees are more than just people, they’re important members of your team. Shifting people’s individual goals towards achieving one goal together as a team can have a huge impact on results within your business.

8. Give regular feedback

It’s important to give employees the tools they need to understand when and why they’re doing well, and how to make changes when they’re not.

9. Stay true to your values

Core values are the principles at the heart of your organisation – you need to develop genuine values and stick to them if you want to encourage a positive company culture.

10. Building a positive culture deserves effort!

There are not many things that will impact your company like its culture, so allocating a reasonable amount of time to building a culture that you’re proud to work within is important. However, remember that it’s a working progress!

Building a strong and positive company culture is important and an investment that will most definitely be returned. Start with these simple tips and experience the difference that they can make!

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