Company Culture: law of attraction at work

September 5, 2016

Claire Morley-Jones is the award-winning founder and MD of HR180 Ltd. Based in Leeds, Yorkshire, the company specialises in Outsourced HR and HR Consultancy working with businesses of all sizes throughout the area, region and UK.

As I was reading the book “I like me” to my children last night I started thinking about the words and how they relate to Company Culture (okay so I’m a saddo!).

HR180 MD Claire Morley-Jones and children.

As I sat outside their door waiting for them to go to sleep I thought through how culture is not just “pretty”, glossy marketing or what people “think” of you – instead it’s what happens on the inside that counts.  In the same way as a cake may look gorgeous on the outside but actually taste awful, if your business looks good but is not effectively functioning internally and people are not happy then your business culture needs some work.

Many of the businesses we meet focus on how they present themselves to the market and the outside world but neglect the less tangible but far more important internal perspective and perception.  A healthy culture can be the key difference between success and failure – it influences how employees relate to one another, how leaders look after their people, whether suppliers want your business and how customers interact and experience you.  Culture can make employees either think, “I love it here” or, “I can’t stand it – get me out” and suppliers saying, “I love working with them” or, “Oh god, it’s them again”.

But then, how do you pin culture down given how often it can be vague and ridiculously difficult to define!  Culture is a real mix of uniqueness – behaviour, beliefs, feeling, mojo, passion, communication and attitude all combine in a particular melting pot that is you and only you.  I am frequently disappointed that companies do not put as much thought into the culture of the business they want to establish as they put into products/services or strategy.  If they did, their company would not only be financially successful but also be a GREAT place to work with totally committed, dedicated and aligned individuals helping to achieve the overall goal.  Here are my top reasons as to why you need culture working for you in your business:

  1. If you have a clear, strongly identifiable culture you will firstly, attract exemplary candidates and secondly they will self-select – saving you time and money in the recruitment process.  How many times have you seen an advert stating, “we are looking for …”?  Firstly, how does that actually set you apart from the competition? And secondly when a company uses something like – “you’ll want to join our family feel company if you ….” can tell the candidate a great deal about your company in just a few words.
  2. If you recruit candidates where their values are in alignment (that doesn’t mean their personalities are identical by the way!) they’re more likely to “get you”, more likely to work towards your shared and combined goals and be more loyal, staying with you at least a few years longer than “normal” employees.
  3. Decisions and behaviours are arrived at quicker when employees have a clear map to understand how the culture manifests itself in everyday life.  For example, if someone makes a mistake – what would be their first response in your business?  Hide it, confess and take the punishment or see it as a learning experience?  The difference between those responses could be the difference between great customer service, amazing internal relationships and the honesty of things they share with you.
  4. A team that plays together, succeeds and stays together – corny but true!  Our team doesn’t have enough time in the diary for all the activities we want to do!  Whether its impromptu dinner out, crazy golf, trampolining, Temple Spa night, painting night, movies, super safari at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, diving with sharks & Chester Zoo, birthday parties or our team meeting on the green – we do things together that keep us energised and close whilst in the stressful environment that is the office!
  5. If you really understand your culture, you’ve also really taken the time to truly know each member of staff.  That means you can create individualised opportunities, challenges and motivations for each member (fairly I might add!) that make a key difference to each individuals personal success.  In return they work harder and more efficiently with you!

In short, culture is the glue that keeps your company together and everyone working on the same mission.  The laws of attraction mean that the more employees you have who match your culture and values, the more similar candidates, clients and suppliers will want to work with you!  It’s a complete win-win using something you have any way!

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