Communicating through a crisis

October 27, 2015

At the moment most employees have concerns about the security of their jobs, their company, perhaps their pensions. Business leaders have an important role to play in instilling confidence and encouraging their staff to focus on the things that will strengthen the business and secure its future.

Some suggestions as to the best ways to do this below:

  1. Keep talking and listening to your staff, regularly up-dating them yourself, and squashing rumour – “walk the floor”. Establish an ‘open door’ policy, make yourself available.
  2. Make sure that line managers communicate effectively with their staff and pass down the information you want staff to know in an effective manner. Check that they too have an ‘open door’ policy and are approachable. Encourage you managers to give you feedback on how the staff are feeling.
  3. Ensure your internal and external communications are consistent – don’t let staff find things out from sources other than yourself.
  4. Let staff know that whatever happens the business’ core values will not change.
  5. However, you should also deal with employees’ questions about the future, outlining possible outcomes and what you are doing to make them happen or what you are doing to avoid them.
  6. Focus staff on what they can do to make a difference to make them feel involved and contributing to their own security.
  7. Educate your staff – if possible provide basic education in financial matters and explain how your company is being affected (or not) by the current economic climate. This will help customer facing staff to confidently answer any queries they may receive.

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