‘Christmas Relationships’: 4 top tips for working together afterwards!

December 16, 2016

HR180’s Chelsea Davis considers the embarrassing Christmas Party clinch – and how EVERYONE in your workplace can live with it afterwards!

Night club dancing party

I am sure most of us have been in similar situations when drinks are flowing and your best dance moves have made an appearance – then out of nowhere the person you sit across from in the office is being seen in a more romantic light. You are swinging your hips to ‘Let’s Twist Again’ when your eyes meet. One thing leads to another and you have had a ‘Christmas Relationship’ that does not last past New Year.

Although it is nothing to worry about, and it happens to a lot of people, for some reason we all now panic and embarrassment takes hold. How will we work together? Does everyone know? What are people saying?

Here are HR180’s 4 top tips for dealing with this situation:

It is a ‘work’ Christmas party

Pre-Christmas party set a president that this is an extension of the workplace.

Be discrete

Monitor discretely the aftermath of the relationship (is this influencing their work?)

Set out your policies

Ensure that all employees are aware that gossiping in the workplace is not appropriate to avoid the individual involved feeling uncomfortable in the workplace.

Keep your door open

If the individuals involved struggle to deal with colleagues being more aware of their personal life, keep your door open in case they need support or would like to raise a grievance in relation to bullying.

For the individuals in the situation – don’t worry. It may seem embarrassing at first and awkward – however when you are busy at work with every deadline being shortened and everyone’s work load increasing you will be last week’s news – honest!

Post-Christmas if you need any guidance on how to deal with the aftermath we are happy to help. Just hit the big red ‘Rescue Me’ button opposite or give us a call on 0808 1221 180.

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