Bringing back effective 1-2-1’s after lockdown

July 22, 2020

After a period of home working, no working, and all around weirdness – 121’s are more important than ever!

The 121 is arguably the best way for a manager to connect with their teams, uncover pressing issues, and ensure that employees are working towards their goals, both at work, and in life!

As teams have been working remotely in unprecedented times, the employee-manager relationship (and in some cases, all around team spirit) has become strained, and calls for a new approach… making 121’s the most important meeting in your day!

What is the purpose of a One-on-One meeting?

  • To see what’s been going on with them during their time off, and see if they’re okay!
  • To find out about an employee’s current stress levels and morale
  • To track their performance and assess any development on KPI’s and goals
  • To learn if there is anything in the way of helping them to achieve their goals, and understand how this can be removed if so!
  • Provide constructive, value-added feedback
  • To provide coaching and share both formal and informal information and news regarding the organisation

Why are they so important?

Now more than ever, it’s likely that employees will need guidance, direction and general support from those around them. It’s also the responsibility of the employee, however, to get up to speed and ensure that they’re clear on what their manager and team need from them.

After a period of prolonged isolation, the mental and emotional wellbeing of employees may also be under strain, and it’s important to consider this when returning your team back to work. A chance to sit down and discuss how your staff are feeling will be mutually beneficial in strengthening relationships and reviving the positive culture of your organisation. From a manager’s perspective, it’s much better to be aware of any issues arising amongst your employees and so catching up with them as frequently as possible will help you to plan for and prevent further problems.

As an employee, it’s a great opportunity to iron out any issues that might be preventing you from achieving your goals and performing in your role – and to take on some constructive feedback from the people around you!

Overall, 121’s are the best way to share what motivates your employees, what worries them and what they need from you. Communication really is the key!

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