Becky tackles the Christmas Bank Holidays Conundrum!

December 13, 2016

With the public expecting many sectors (especially retail – just think where we’d be without the Boxing Day and New Year’s sales…!?) to be fully ‘manned’ over Christmas and New Year, both employers and employees can be rather confused about Bank Holidays. It really is a conundrum! Our brilliant HR Manager and plogger (podcast blogger!) Becky Mee has provided you with some answers to the most common questions.


Covering ideas of how to handle the tricky Christmas and New Year period Becky’s podcast explains Bank Holiday basics, considers the 8 official Bank Holidays (not just the 3 over the course of the next few weeks) and looks at how they form part of the 5.6 weeks Statutory holidays. From if an employee works a Bank Hol, to how to work out Bank Hols for part time workers, how to handle someone who doesn’t want to work for religious reasons (and the Equality Act 2010…) or what happens if someone is sick during a Bank Holiday, Becky discusses it all.

Grab a delicious mince pie and press play!


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