Why is “bad work” bad for the economy?

May 9, 2017
Some breaking news? The government is reviewing zero-hours contracts and how they affect workers, businesses and the economy. Today the head of the committee in charge of the review spoke to the BBC about “bad work”. In the era of “fake news” and “bad dudes” is this just another sound bite, or is there substance to Matthew Taylor’s comment?

(Credit BBC News online 9 May)HR180 Zero hours contracts

Matthew Taylor, head of the government’s review into zero-hours contracts, tells the BBC that workers should be “engaged” by employers and feel more in control of how they work.

Mr Taylor comments that it is “unacceptable” that so many people in work are classed as being below the official poverty line. “Bad work is clearly bad for our health and well-being, it leads to people dropping out of work. Bad work is bad for productivity, so it’s bad for our economy.”

Watch this space for more on zero hours contracts. Meanwhile, take a look at our video featuring our Gaffa, Claire Morley-Jones, and HR Manager, Ellie Garnett chatting about their thoughts). https://www.hr180.co.uk/hr180-super-series-e1-low-zero-hours-contracts-vlog/

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