Super strong or merely mortal?

If you are looking to advance your business to a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness, much of which comes from getting the ‘people stuff’ right, you need our Strength Test! This is a powerful tool to define ambition, identify the current position and provide a series of recommendations that can be easily implemented to provide breakthrough value.

Many of our clients come to us knowing that something in their business is ‘not quite right’ but unable to put their finger on it or thinking that the word ‘strategy’ is too big and scary. Our Strength Test can do several things. It can help to validate this gut feeling with real data so that we can identify great practice and ensure it is properly embedded, whilst also ascertaining which challenges need to be prioritised to meet your business objectives. And it can be instrumental in establishing your direction of travel, around which you’re forced to improvise (a strategy – see that’s not so scary!). We review present practise across the entire business in these essential areas:

  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Optimising Board Knowledge
  • Embedding & Delivering the Strategy
  • Employee Engagement & Buy In
  • Leadership & Management Behaviours
  • HR Resource, Support and Systems
  • Recruitment, Retention and Release
  • Talent Management

By applying these methods, we help our clients save money, use their resources more effectively, and add more value to their organisation.

During the Strength Test process we are super-practical. We have to be! Your HR Consultant executes the Test in such a way that everyone is guided through the process with a blended approach including some online work, some workshops and a written report so that the moving parts are always connected! Very simply, the end result is that we give you the confidence to determine your own path forward and a series of recommendations for how we can help to make that happen.

The Strength Test is tailored completely to your organisation but does follow a step by step process consisting of:

steps of strength

The result of all this work is an objective, strategic report that delivers evidence and facts to support a series of recommendations we believe, on the benefit of our experience, would ensure your future. This level of detail and information enables us to form the strategy and priorities linked to the potential benefits for Stage Two– where we adjust your HR Package to take account of the recommendations so that they can be delivered.

The report will help you to see (whether you want to or not!):

  • How well the business and the leadership team is geared up to perform
  • Whether the company is making the most of the various market opportunities
  • What is limiting the success of the business, particularly in relation to people
  • Whether your people are aligned and believe in the company

With competitive costs allied to business size we’d love to help you get the most from your business and the people who work with you. Talk to us today.

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