When you want your managers to have 20 years of HR experience in 6 immersive and interactive hours.

You can find our eLearning at www.bemoreawesome.training

Our HR superheroes have always done their best to up skill, train, coach and support every manager we encounter, to ensure that they feel confident and employees feel respected.

Then one day (not that long ago!) we had an epiphany….

Why not train lots of other superheros to make our universe a better place?

So, we set our Mission Controllers the challenge of seeing how we could make maximum impact in delivering training and they rose to it.  As a result, we’ve taken our files and folders of face to face training, our extensive professional know how and real life case studies and put them out into the ether!

Each course in our eLearning portal packs an entire career’s worth of learning into an easy and digestible format, that means you’ll gain essential wisdom from industry pro’s in an engaging, innovative and fun way!  Each course is cram packed with tips on how to actually deliver each stage of the topic (rather than a brief overview) so that by the end of 6 hours, you’ll know exactly how to write that letter, tackle that topic or deliver that meeting.

No rubbishy stock shots or 1970’s graphics for us!  Make your way through blogs, vlogs, animations, games, quizzes and more in an online training experience that’s truly out of this world!

Click below to go to our eLearning HQ and see for yourself…



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