When kiss and makeup is not enough, we get to the heart of the matter.

Your employees’ wellbeing is paramount – when people work well together, your business works well for you.

Mediation is an art and a skill which takes experience, expertise and a good dose of objectivity and understanding – and the HR professionals at HR180 have all those in abundance!

Fully qualified, our HR180 heroes will come to you to resolve a conflict between 2-4 individuals. Getting to the heart of the matter, with a tailor-made approach to manage even the most complex issues, our role is to take the sting out of what is a less than perfect working relationship.

So though personalities may clash, we help the individuals involved in a dispute or conflict to find common ground and gain perspective. The real magic is our feedback and recommendations so you can help everyone move to a successful working relationship, and get your business back on track.

Where do I start?

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call mission HQ at 0113 287 8150
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  • STEP 3: We meet to create a package of support tailored to you




We LIVE to serve! Let us know below how we can help your business and we’ll fly over for a chat and a coffee (or ring if that’s quicker!)
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