Business Strategy Planning 2017 White Paper downloadable

February 7, 2017

Don’t let your 2017 strategy planning be another year of wash and repeat!

Welcome to HR180’s White Paper looking at Business Strategy. In 4 parts, each section takes you through elements of the strategy building process, in a typically HR180 way!

HR180 Business Strategy White Paper Feb 2017

Download your copy: HR180 Business Strategy White Paper 2017

We understand that organisations have pressures from all angles. Sometimes it is difficult to revisit your business goals, what the priorities will be and make a plan as to how you are going to achieve them. This can lead to a year on year repeat of your activities, without really getting a handle on what is working well – and what isn’t! 

2017 could be the time to get out of the cycle of ‘wash and repeat’?

If you like the ideas we put forward in this paper, then you’ll love HR180’s Strength Test! Developed by the HR180 boffins, this is a powerful tool to define ambition, identify the current position and provide a series of recommendations that can be easily implemented to provide breakthrough value. With a price point allied to your business size, it is within the reach of all types and size of business.

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