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February 2, 2017

HR180 have invested in the Talent Q programme to bring big business techniques to our SME clients, in an affordable way. From choosing the right person at recruitment stage through to identifying the development needs of potential senior managers, managing the talent process is key to avoid costly mistakes leading to having to ‘exit’ inappropriate staff. Talent Q Trained Assessor, and our own very talented HR Manager, Tim Frear takes a look at 3 aspects of the system and how it could help you to get the right person for your organisation.
Talent Q psychometric testing


How do we know when we are getting the best candidate for a job? With recruitment being one of the costliest and most time consuming of the employee life cycle, how can we ensure we are getting the best candidate, the one who will fit in with the current team and who will add value to your business?

Having a robust interview will not always give you a true view of the candidate. So being able to see someone’s preferences at work, their behavioural attributes, will give you a better understanding of the impact they will have on your  business. This is an aspect we can help with via Talent Q, which offers a suite of recruitment profiles to complement your recruitment process.

The key to an effective recruitment process is to fully understanding the role. Effective job evaluation will allow you to identify what is needed in the position and translate this across to your recruitment process. Talent Q has a very effective role match profile which considers the job evaluation criteria of a position and where the candidates fit into this. This will not only give you a clearer and more accurate assessment of the candidates but will also provide structured and relevant interview questions in relation to the results provided by the candidate.

As a qualified assessor, I can analyse the results, look for trends that will provide real value to the business whist providing feedback to the leadership team and candidates alike, providing relevant bespoke, accurate information linking to the organisation.



Recruiting for sales requires your candidates to possess a specialised skill set. Using the Talent Q Sales Profile is an effective way of recruiting the right candidate to fit with your current sales team. This profile is specific for sales recruitment and will detail the effectiveness of the client at different stages of the sales life cycle.

If you are looking to complement your current team –  maybe you’re looking for someone who can give killer presentations to new clients or be a great deal closer – then this profile will provide a breakdown where a candidate’s strengths lay and it will also indicate where development areas (and allowable weaknesses) are.

The report breaks down the candidates desired behaviours required at different stages of the sales life cycle. The breakdown has eight key stages and looks at Planning & Preparation, Fact Finding, Building Rapport, Identifying Needs, Presenting Solutions, Handling Objections, getting the Sale, and the Post Meeting Service. Some you may feel have a higher priority than others so understanding what you really want will allow you to make that sales recruitment. This system will help you focus and get your self a really super sales person.


Ever needed extra insight when developing your team, getting guidance on where to start on a management development plan or how to evaluate and plan for the next leader within your organisation? With employee costs to a business being so high it’s important to have in place some effective processes that will identify talent, give credibility and practicality to your development and succession planning processes.

Knowing where to start is the key: Talent Q gives access to amazing development and succession planning tools, helping you with understanding the potential within your organisation and what their limitations and development areas are. At a deeper level Talent Q also will provide you with understanding of where your high flyers will succeed – giving you a individual insights in a structured view to help with your future planning.

For help and advice on how Talent Q can bring a new dimension to your organisation, please contact Tim by calling 0113 287 8150 or register your interest here.

Whether it is forward planning your HR support or a cry of ‘Rescue Me’, HR180’s superheroes team are ready to lend a helping hand! Contact us today to help protect your best assets – the people in your business. Call 0113 287 8150 or take a look here.

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