Survey says managers are underprepared to manage absence: more like UNprepared!

November 3, 2016

HR180 are the Leeds, Yorkshire, based Outsourced HR and Consultancy heroes with a lot to say! HR Manager, Laura Rigby, looks at the latest CIPD/Simplyhealth Absence Management Survey, plus link through below to 5 practical ideas to help you manage absence, lateness and time-keeping issues in your business.

Absence management

I was intrigued to see the CIPD news this week saying that Line Managers are underprepared by employers to manage absence. In our experience it is not just underprepared – it is UNprepared!

More employers are recognising the value of line managers in managing absence at work, but are not giving them the tools and support necessary to do it effectively, according to the 2016 CIPD/Simplyhealth Absence Management Survey.

Despite clear policies and training being provided, unless you have your culture right and policies aligned to that, there will always be a ‘mixed’ way to deal with absence, lateness and time-keeping: anything from handling with it with an iron fist right through to sticking your head in the sand!!

For SMEs it probably doesn’t ALWAYS need to be handled with triggers such as the Bradford Factor. Flexibility, common sense and the option to reasonably work time back will gain far more respect from the team than an overarching ‘Do as I say not as I do’ attitude (where managers come and go as they please but expect their reports to do it by the book!)

Hierarchies are old fashioned and the more modern approach is to encourage everyone to tread the same path: motivating through carrot and stick has had its day, employees want to be treated as people. Flexible working policies should be encouraging better work-life balance, within reason, and with consistency across the team. The whole system relies on mutual respect – no one should be taking the proverbial!

For some simple ideas to take back into your business, take a look at our 5 practical solutions to help you manage absence, lateness and time-keeping in your business.

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