7 Staff Treats on a Budget this Christmas

December 14, 2016

Take a look at some of Leeds based HR company, HR180’s, ideas on how to treat your staff if you are on a strict budget this year.

Last week the HR180 Heroes at HR180 enjoyed a very festive (and quite well behaved!) Christmas Party at a wonderful venue in Leeds. Late into the evening it was hilarious to hear the DJ joking about guests ‘not being too naughty otherwise they’d be hauled in by HR’ – not realising that one of the groups in were experts and in fact have seen and heard it all over the years! We loved Claire’s blog about the Top 5 Employee Christmas Party disasters so (take a look at those to see how your’s stack up!) and we thought we’d look at another issue which business owners and managers ask us about is the Christmas Present situation. Some of the official ‘rules’ are covered here in a previous blog. But in these financially uncertain times how about some ideas to reward staff but keep costs down this Christmas?


7 staff treats on a budget this Christmas

Here’s some ‘quick wins’ in terms of keeping within a budget but still making your reward meaningful:

  1. Buy contributory vouchers to a local pantomime
  2. Bake something personal
  3. Write a personal card saying thanks for their help
  4. Get everyone a Helium balloon
  5. Hold a Fuddle (food cuddle!)
  6. Set up a mini playroom in the office with random games
  7. Get the office ‘Lucky Karaoke’ £4.99 subscription for one month!

Also don’t forget to issue Total Reward Statements – these tell people more than what they just get for their salary meaning that their whole package is really clear, which can help show how generous you are!

Overall keep it fair, within your budget and with lots of heart!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the HR180 Heroes – and if it gets a little TOO merry, or the New Year brings a lot of long faces into your workplace then you need us! Call 0808 1221 180 for an informal chat to see how we can help!

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