Business strategy planning 2017: #4 Making it stick

November 30, 2016

Making it stick

In this the final part in our handy guide to business strategy planning for 2017 Leeds-based HR180’s Mission Control Consultant Sue Westhead considers how you are going to actually make your strategy happen. Sue has vast experience having managed major transformation and change initiatives in leading organisations all over the world. Follow the links below to access parts 1-3 or call Sue and the HR180 team on 0113 287 8150 for immediate assistance.


Processes that hang together

A comprehensive approach to both strategy building and change management requires several success factors which together enable you to take the necessary steps. Firstly clearly define the business objectives the change is intended to deliver. Understand the current organisation- its culture, its capabilities and its experiences – both successful and unsuccessful – and conduct an impact analysis including identifying why change is needed. If this is a little intimidating, we can help! The HR180 Strength Test will come to the rescue. This exclusive service includes an impact analysis and makes a clear case for change. We will work with you using the most efficient tools and techniques for the specific need of the your organisation.

Models and practices which are understood

If you are asking people to deliver or adapt to a new reality, or new set of deliverables, they need to understand the emotional case for the change so they can feel truly committed to the transformation. It can’t be presented as another ‘programme of the month’ that staff will have to live through. Bringing the details of what will change and what won’t allows leaders to paint a vivid picture of what the change means for employees personally, and not only why it benefits the business. Leaders have to be role models and committed leadership is the foundation for any business undertaking change.

A guiding hand – The HR 180 approach

The experience brought by the HR function plays a critical role to institutionalise best practices plus to engage and involve employees over the long term to capture the full benefit of the change and any future changes.

To enable lasting change all HR systems, structures and processes must be aligned and consistent with the goals of strategy embedment and transformation. You need to articulate clearly oriented elements of the future business – not just its structure, but also employee value propositions and individual and team roles – as well as required competencies, skills and behaviours. Things like performance management, learning and development, workforce strategy, retention programs are key enablers of the change programme.

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Strategy Check

This process can be overwhelming, yet it is crucial to get your business to the next level. That’s when you need to call in the experts from HR180 Mission Control! Let HR180 support your strategy change and its long-term requirements, by helping you navigate your organisation’s strategy and formulate methods that accelerate your success. We will work as your strategic partner and change agent.

Hit the Rescue Me button or call us today for a no obligation chat and to find out more about our Super Services! 0113 287 8150.

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