The Benefits of Open Communication

September 4, 2017

As the saying goes “sharing is caring”. But why is it that so many businesses are struck with a fear of communication? Time after time we see the same complaints from business owners and nine times out of ten, communication is the crux of the issue. I often think that clear, concise, open and empathetic communication could resolve a lot of the world’s issues (aside from Donald Trump but that’s a whole other conversation….)

But knowing what to share, when, how and who to is big worry for many business owners. Here at HR180 we operate an open and transparent model of communication whereby everyone knows the key detail of the business plan (in fact we’ve all been involved in its creation), what the business objectives are and how we are performing financially against target.

Whilst this level of sharing might not necessarily be appropriate for your business, here are just some of the many benefits of communicating openly with your team:

Clarity – everyone is clear on what the business stands for, what its objectives are and where it is heading and therefore how it all links to the organisation’s vision and values.

Involvement – it gives the impression of “we’re all in this together” and no one role or person is more important in the success of the organisation. This helps every member of the team to feel valued and responsible and therefore more likely to genuinely care about and be invested in the future of the business.

Drives performance culture – due to the clarity mentioned above, every individual is able to understand how their role affects the overall performance of the business. In turn, objectives can be set that link to the business plan, which in turn drives motivation and passion to succeed, especially if tied into a performance related bonus scheme or employee stars programme.

Encourages innovation – because everyone is included, you are far more likely to receive ideas and suggestions across the board – some of which may be ingenious. By preventing certain levels of the business from receiving this information, you are reducing your opportunities to be fresh and innovative.

Improves retention – ultimately, if people have a purpose and feel valued and included, they feel much happier and are more likely to stay. Conversely, people who don’t fit the culture of the business are more likely to self-select and decide the company isn’t for them – win, win!

All in all, communication really does underpin many things in life, but remember keep it positive and empathetic – maintain confidentiality and refrain from gossip as gossip drives toxicity and “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

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