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September 9, 2016

HR180 Ltd is a long-established Outsourced HR and HR Consultancy company based in Leeds in the heart of Yorkshire. We have helped a myriad of companies across the UK and internationally with supporting their business and people strategies. Following our HRAs’ blog we now look to our HRMs for their view on Motivation in the workplace. HR Managers Becky Mee and Ellie Garnett consider what motivates them.

Becky Mee, HR Manager, HR180 Ltd

Becky Mee, HR Manager, HR180 Ltd

Everyone needs a little kick start to get them through to the end of Friday and what better way to do that than with a blog brain-storming session on Motivation? Well I can think of others, but, following on from Smita and Emily’s blog on what motivates them, Ellie and I thought we would see what motivates us.

Did we have a sneaky peak and see what Smita and Emily had written first, I hear your cry? OK, yes, I admit we did and we were pleasantly surprised at the common themes:

  • Feeling valued in the organisation

Whilst this can be hard to quantify, it can be a deal breaker for both of us. Interestingly, Ellie and I approach it in slightly different ways. Feeling valued can come from how your individuality is recognised, your ideas and suggestions are welcomed and treated, thanks and praise for a ‘job well done’ is delivered and feeling that you belong. We’re both motivated by a management and decision making style that is inclusive, where everyone’s opinion is considered.

  • Loyalty

Feeling valued breeds loyalty, but is loyalty a one-way street? As managers, loyalty to our team not only comes from a sense of not wanting to let them down (the ‘we’re only as strong as each other’ adage) but also from knowing if we demonstrate how much we value Smita and Emily, they will hopefully demonstrate loyalty back. We only want to be loyal to people we value/value us, so the two do go hand in hand.

  • Developing our team for success

Whilst feeling valued is the main motivator for Ellie, this one has a huge impact on me. Seeing the team I’ve encouraged and developed grow and achieve more gives me a buzz, and the satisfaction from seeing the business as a whole grow from our efforts is the real payoff for both of us.

  • The energy of others

Environment is a big deal, and being part of a strong team, with a positive and energised environment makes you want to achieve more. Being in a supportive environment, where you know that your ideas are welcomed, you’re encouraged to grow and develop and challenge is encouraged makes it so much more of a joy to come to work! We’ve all worked with a ‘Negative Nigel’ or ‘Gloomy Glenda’, who’ve made coming into work when you’re facing other challenges (either at home or at work) so much harder.

  • It’s all a little bit of give and take

There are various hygiene factors that motivate us to come to work everyday, but beyond the monthly salary, what other rewards motivate us? Both Ellie and I agree that it isn’t just about the money and the bonus, as after a while these become expected and lose their motivational pull. The extras need to be appropriate and set at the right level so they still achieve the required result. Having that flexibility and give and take in the team, consideration of other

Ellie Garnett, HR Manager, HR180 Ltd

Ellie Garnett, HR Manager, HR180 Ltd

people’s needs and working styles, plus fulfilling our main reason for being (yes, that means satisfying our clients!) really are good old fashioned motivators. Job satisfaction, and what goes into it, should never be underestimated.


So where do we overlap with Smita and Emily? Being part of a supportive, caring team focused on achieving common goals with an opportunity to develop ourselves are big motivators for all of us. Guess people don’t change that much no matter how far up the greasy pole they climb!

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