Why SMEs need access to an HR Pro

September 26, 2018

We get asked this question regularly: ‘what exactly do you do for small businesses?’ Well, as an outsourced Human Resources partner we do a number of things that help, protect, and develop small businesses. Here are Tim’s top five reasons why SMEs need an HR pro.

By Tim Frear


Help the business achieve their vision

It all starts with a dream, and when you start up a new business there is always a dream to achieve something remarkable. To help you achieve that, HR professionals are there to help you understand your potential and harness vital skills in each person. Having a great HR person in place that can drive the values and mission of the business will strengthen the alignment and strategic thinking of any small company.


Get the best possible people

Getting the right people in the right place is extremely important, in an SME more so than other sized companies. The ‘hats’ that members of the business wear change depending on the activities and function they’re responsible for. Understanding the skills sets of your candidates and hiring the best people will strengthen both the company and the team. Great people also attract other great people, so getting it right is key to a successful business!


Protect the company

Employment law can be a tricky and complex process, so make sure you have the correct paperwork, processes, and policies in place, which will allow your company to be transparent from the start. Having an HR professional on hand can mitigate the risk to your business and create a positive culture, and therefore reduce workplace conflicts and costs to the business.


Help the company grow

A true HR professional will know your business plan and work with you to achieve it. They will help you meet your business goals but also advise on when to scale back or change your strategic plan. The roots of a tree are what help it grow tall and strong and having the right HR partner is crucial to this.


Making your business attractive to employees

With a wealth of knowledge and understanding, HR professionals understand the needs of good employees and this can translate directly to the retention of the best candidates. Designing a bespoke benefits package that is right for your business and its employees will increase motivation and retention.


These are just a few of the many ways SMEs can benefit from an HR professional. If you need any HR help in your small business, just get in touch.

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