Single and happy!

February 12, 2016

It’s that time of the year again and all those loved up couples, talking about what gifts they have for their partners and what they plan on doing on Sunday to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  As I sit here I feel lucky that again this year I don’t need to worry about that last minute gift the additional expense of a great presents and a nice dinner to splash out on.Single medium

On Sunday I can, as I do every week, have a nice relaxing day, get up when I want make a coffee and do the daily chores whilst watching ‘Sunday Brunch’ on TV, there is nobody there to hinder my routines and change my mood.  That was me looking on the bright side of being single, if you ask a single person they will usually say they are happy being single and that seeing loved up couples and work colleagues talking about their partners, husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends doesn’t bother them but really deep down, does it?

On Monday, the day after Valentine’s Day its #SinglesAwarenessDay a facetious holiday, celebrated by single people… that’s me, so what do I have to do?  The day is designed to integrate singles together, there are hundreds of groups from the obscure to the more mainstream religious, hiking, cycling, or even drinking groups.  I genuinely did not realise how many friendship/event groups are out there, not just for single people but for everyone.  If the #SinglesAwarenessDay hadn’t been coming up I wouldn’t have thought to evaluate where gaps lay within my life.

It does feel like I am replacing a vital and integral part of being human (the relationship) with other things that will stimulate and entertain me, the single person. I am a lucky and very happy person which in turn makes me a little cynical and a little bit of a realist which allows me to smirk at life and at options I have available.

I feel that having #SinglesAwarenessDay the day after valentine’s day is a bit of last minute thought, as usual I’m different and like the Chinese concept, they celebrate the fact that they are proud of being single have dedicated November 11, as an entertaining singles festival.  The theory behind this day is the number “1” resembles an individual that is alone, hence 11/11, this feels more ‘planned’ and less of a last minute thought, on that note I will hold my celebration until November… but what happens if I am not single?

Watch this space!

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