Shared parental leave for grandparents

November 23, 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, we can’t help but revisit an important legislation change happening next year – shared parental leave for grandparents.

By the HR180 Team

From next year shared parental leave will be extended to include working grandparents!

This means working mothers will be able to end their maternity leave early, and share the leave and pay with grandparents who help care for their children.

The thought behind this change in legislation is that it will encourage working mothers to go back to work and therefore prevent a delay in their progression up the career ladder! It also recognises the often, essential role grandparents play by providing childcare to support working parents. Nearly 2 million grandparents in the UK have given up work, reduced their hours or taken time off to care for their grandchildren when the parents can’t afford professional childcare costs.

Although this will no doubt be a helpful change for many employees, it does come with its challenges for business owners, with many organisations already struggling with balancing resource needs with flexible working hours.

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