Planning for the New Year

December 2, 2015

This is often a relatively quiet time of year. Whilst you are still recovering from Christmas and getting back up to speed, it might be a good idea for Senior Managers to conduct their annual performance reviews. Publish a revised recruitment plan for January to end of financial year. Consider running a recruitment campaign to pick up on those who’ve had time to think over Christmas.

Ensure all staff have current and representative job descriptions. Review Senior Manager training needs – consider training/mentoring/coaching.

Review and update annual performance review documentation, including relevant feedback/learning points from previous year. Produce annual HR budget for approval at Board level to include recruitment and training, special projects, HR systems etc.

Conduct training for line managers firstly on interviewing and secondly on conducting effective appraisals. Implement new statutory payment amounts such as SMP, minimum wage etc.

Launch annual performance review documentation or relevant IT systems to complete process via web portal. Potentially conduct full 360 feedback for line managers and senior managers.

Complete annual performance review process. Review and moderate performance ratings given (if used) to ensure consistency across the business.

Conduct annual salary review in line with budget set. Ideally this should include input from performance review process in order to make it as objective as possible and review equal pay.

Ensure all employee files are up to date and fully compliant with data protection. Review employee induction programme, taking into account potential graduates starting in September. Conduct a training needs analysis by reviewing the annual performance reviews.

Consider running a recruitment campaign to pick up all those who have been ‘thinking’ over the summer break. Produce training plan for year, reviewing relevant budget.

Produce annual talent plan to identify movers and shakers.

Review policy and procedural documentation such as staff handbook, offer letters etc.

Prepare for Christmas party! Identify who should conduct the Senior Management performance reviews.

At HR180 we can review the systems and processes you already have in place to come up with a timetable that suits you, and if required, assistance on your HR projects.

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