Why having HR on the Board can really bring you Benefits!

March 21, 2018

In her latest blog, Becky explains how considering HR in your future business plans can bring real benefits.

By Becky Mee

Is your HR an after thought or so part of your everyday thinking you no longer realise you’re doing it? Well, whilst we’d love you to say the latter, the chances are it’s the former and HR isn’t part of your longer-term thinking.

Whether you have a dedicated HR professional within your team or not, there is still an opportunity for a more strategic HR approach to your business planning as well as how HR is involved in the day to day operations. Having HR as part of your future plans and having a stake in the game can bring real benefits. HR data is key to the smooth running of the business and is often the link between the bottom line financials and operational effectiveness.

So, what are the benefits of having HR at the table?


Compliance and the straight and narrow

The cost of not being compliant can be huge and it often falls on HR to look after the ‘compliance dirty work’. Being realistic, having someone who is an expert in employment law, relevant legislation and best practice can save you from being jack of all trades and master of none.

Achieving common goals

HR are naturally great at bringing people together to achieve a common goal. They are really good at focusing people on the cause and ensuring they have goals that are smart and aligned towards achieving the overall company goal. If you don’t have a dedicated HR person on your team, you definitely need someone who can champion the common cause and keep your teams on track!

Communicating for success

Whoever wears the HR hat in your executive team, a key role for them will be acting as a metaphorical ‘Switzerland’. Helping your team come together, share ideas and collaborate to find the ones that work, whilst keeping tensions at bay, this role is all about effective communication for the wider good of the business.

Growing pains

Growth spurts, planned or otherwise, provide opportunities for HR to really take the floor. Whether it’s planning out what the growth looks like so the business can achieve its wider aims, scoping out the new structure, designing jobs, recruitment, training and developing the team, succession planning and reinforcing your culture so the wider employee experience doesn’t suffer.

HR can have a huge impact whilst giving an alternative perspective, keeping you aligned to your wider goals and keeping you on point, whilst making sure your communication and company culture don’t suffer.

Want help in understanding how HR can have a better part to play in your business and drive your strategic goals? Give us a call today!

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