From pointless chatter to meetings that matter!

September 10, 2019

Laura, our Marketing Co-ordinator, discusses how you can make the most of your meeting minutes this week. 

By Laura Thompson

A recent UK survey of a thousand office workers across the UK suggested that an average employee spends a shocking ten hours and 42 minutes per week in meetings – scary isn’t it! Even more concerning is that over half of these meetings are deemed unnecessary and over 70% of office workers say that they could get more done without them.

Whilst meetings are essential for all organisations, the effective management of meetings deserves consideration in order for your business and everyone in it to remain at their most productive. Keeping everyone happy!

Our top tips for keeping your meetings as productive as possible:

  • Assigning a meeting leader who is responsible for producing an agenda can be a great way to ensure that the discussion covers all relevant topics and is adding value to your organisation. A meeting leader can move the meeting along and ensure that the attendees don’t end up going off topic, as pointless chatter can waste a lot of time that could be used productively elsewhere within the business.
  • Don’t hold hostages! Only inviting employees who really need to be involved in the meeting can assist the reduction of wasted time within your company. Employees can become frustrated with feeling as though they could be getting more done if they weren’t held up in a meeting that isn’t necessary. This could ultimately lead not only to a loss of time, but a loss of motivation and productivity too!
  • Meetings should close with a plan of action, clarifying your expectations for your team and the overall goals of organisation. End your meetings with a list of actions and who is responsible for each one, as this will streamline general workflow and ensure that your meeting has been effective.
  • When you feel that a meeting is necessary to meet your objectives, they can be hugely effective in driving your team in the right direction and keeping them on track. Meetings have so much potential to benefit your organisation, so don’t let them take away from you!

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