Fasting in the month of Ramadahn – the HR180 experience!

June 5, 2017

Monday 5 June is a special day for us at HR180 as we support our colleague and HR Assistant, Nuhman Sharif, with something that is very important to him. Here is his take on the day.

By Nuhman Sharif

As Muslims, we are taught to fast for around 30 days in the month of Ramadahn, so this year is no exception.

Just like in previous years, I have come to accept that for 1 month I will not be having my mid-morning coffee break consisting of my favourite Kenyan filter coffee along with something sweet (don’t tell my wife about the last part!)…

Actually, I don’t worry, as I really enjoy this month and see it as something quite special. I can’t quite put my finger on it….Maybe it’s the greater closeness I feel to Allah in this month or the fact that I enjoy opening my fasts each day surrounded by so many loving family members.

Going the extra mile

Whatever the reason, Ramadahn is special to me, a cherished month where as Muslims we don’t simply refrain from food and drink during daylight hours but we are also taught to have especially good conduct and go the extra mile in terms of being charitable to those less fortunate.

So, imagine my surprise when the team at HR180 decided they would fast with me for 1 day during office hours as an act of solidarity! What a tremendous and thoughtful gesture!

Today’s the day!

It is Monday 5 June 2017 – today’s the day and there isn’t a coffee cup or slice of cake or piece of fruit in sight! Thankfully it’s not too hot today so the team shouldn’t find it too difficult.

As the day goes on, there’s just an hour of office time to go. I feel absolutely fine, no hunger, no thirst, because I’m used to it. But how about the team? I can hear stomachs rumbling but what can I say, the guys have done really well. I’m proud of you all.

Breaking the fast

It is 5 pm, and now it’s time to break the fast, and the team is now tucking into dates, fruit juice and a range of home-made Pakistani and Moroccan snacks. I still have 4 hours to go but that’s fine.

This has been quite a learning experience for the team, not only have they learnt about what it’s like to fast but they have also learnt about what Ramadahn is all about. I can’t wait until next year’s HR180 Ramadahn experience…I think we’ll make it a regular thing (maybe I should ask the guys first though?) Until next year!

And from the team….

A huge thank you, Nuhman, for your generosity and support in helping us keep to the fast. We made quick work of the wonderful traditional goodies as you can see below…


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