The Law of Attraction: The Importance of Employer Branding

August 6, 2018

We’re currently experiencing a skill shortage in a candidate-led market; with unemployment at its lowest in four decades! Great news, right? For employees, yes. For employers…well it’s an ever-changing tide. In this blog, Laura lets you in on her tips on how, as employers, you can get ahead of the game!

By Laura Higson-Kirrane

In this day and age, employers have got to switch it up to on-board and retain the best talent to ensure they keep ahead of technology and, of course, their competitors.

Making sure you market your every offering is one of the simplest ways to improve your branding and market presence as an employer. Training courses, study support, gym facilities and relocation packages are all excellent benefits which could play a huge part in a candidate deciding where they want to work. As an organisation, you must capitalise on your unique offerings as they represent your company’s culture and the value you place on retaining and developing your staff.

More so than ever, unique employee value propositions are on the top of every candidates wish list when looking for their next career move. But can every business afford to offer courses, discounts and other ‘fluffy’ benefits?

The good news for employers – it’s no longer all about money! In fact, Career Builder found that 67% of candidates would actually accept lower pay to work for a company with a strong, positive market reputation. Getting your brand out there by using social media and shouting about your fantastic culture are simple ways of making sure you stick in the heads of active candidates and stay there!

Just look at the likes of Google; they have a stand out market reputation. This is due to their clear promotion of their values and priorities as a business; focussing on thought leadership, having an innovative culture ingrained into the business model and constantly working to positively affect the human race as well as their employees.

This is great news for SME’s who have brilliant developmental opportunities without the weight of a big name or even bigger salary offerings working in their favour! Being stand out is not limited to giants like Google.

Having a clear brand within your market, promoting your offerings and connecting and building your following on social media as well as having core values and an unwavering vision are all ways you can further your employer branding. This level of conviction around your brand will also aid candidates in self-selecting your company because it’s right for them, filtering out those that don’t meet your values before you even get to interview and creating huge time savings.

So, to recap. Employer branding is massively important and hugely impactful on a company’s ability to grow and compete in their respective markets; it’s instrumental in bringing in the best talent and of course, retaining it! We know this is no longer limited to offerings that affect your businesses’ bottom line. Company culture is increasingly more important to the modern-day candidate so employers should focus on ensuring they leave an individual, distinctive footprint in the market.

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