Coalition talks informing business: 6 top tips to help you lead disparate groups at work

June 26, 2017

The general election is fast becoming a distant memory for us but, at this point in time (late June 2017) the talks between the Conservatives and the DUP continue as the Conservatives try to forge a coalition government. If the two do join forces, whilst there are many similarities in goals, aims and objectives, they have very different agendas. So, how can the challenges they are facing in joining together be mirrored back in the workplace? Our superhero Becky Mee, HR Partner, takes a look at how focusing on common ground can prevent conflict between disparate groups in the workplace.

By Becky Mee business HR tips

How can disparate groups form in a workplace?

This can happen with different departments having different agendas which appear to conflict, but, they are all working towards the overall profitability of the company. If you are responsible for managing very different groups, or just must work with or between different ones, this can present some real challenges as you try to find harmony and common ground. So, what can you do to overcome this?

Finding common ground

Focusing on the common ground and shared goals is key just like in the continuing coalition talks! How can this be achieved? Here are my 6 top tips to harmony in the workplace:

1 Shelve your personal bias

Might sound obvious, but if you have an allegiance to one side, step away from it and keep other people’s viewpoints in mind. Don’t play favourites.

2 Identify your shared goals

Conflicting agendas can lead to politics when you are all just trying to achieve the same thing – be it a happy customer, overall profitability or just keeping a job! So, what do you have in common? Even if it’s one thing, identify it and keep achieving a ‘win/win’ central to everything you do.

3 Focus on the common ground and what you can compromise on

Having identified what ‘win/win’ looks like, focus on it and ensure everything you do achieves it. Accept that compromise might be needed on all sides and be as fair as you can. This is where your relationships can come into play and carry real influence.

4 Provide feedback on progress and any deviations from what’s important

This could be not following common shared behaviours, following own agendas and being constructive in your feedback – focus on the facts. Getting personal only highlights divisions making it worse.

5 Tackle conflict head on

Communication and challenging behaviour that doesn’t deliver your shared goals are key here. If conflict festers, your coalition could fall apart….

6 Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself

Respect the other party’s view point and goals is key. If you don’t get the basics right yourself, who will? Set a positive example for your teams to mirror!

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