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November 2, 2015

What we can offer to you

We design bespoke line management training according to our clients’ needs and requirements. Usually the line managers we are designing sessions for are either new to management or just require a refresher.

A training event we put together a while ago started with exercises aimed at helping managers to realise the influence they have on the business as a whole. First of all, we asked what managers currently do to act as a role model, we then asked them to share examples of good management and bad management. It is important to help managers to appreciate how much impact they do have – they are critical agents in the people and performance chain since they are the ones who can create effective team functioning. There is also a strong association between the effective provision of coaching and guidance by the line manager and levels of employee commitment, satisfaction and motivation.

This wasn’t just an event which ticked a box – we already knew what the managers strengths and weaknesses were and adapted the training to fit within their specific needs.

We’re creating another line management training event to be delivered soon and whilst there are some similarities, the training will look completely different.

There isn’t a set formula for what is effective or current. Instead, businesses need to be really clear about what it is they want to achieve out of the day and the day can then be designed with these goals and objectives in mind. If it’s just to get a sense of team bonding, then there are a number of options to name a few, cookery days, visits to the zoo etc. will be perfect. If it’s to drive a competitive spirit into a sales team then the day needs to reflect that i.e. paintballing, rally car driving or archery etc. Everything will be effective, will be enjoyed and is current as long as the day is designed properly!

Things to consider
What’s the point or purpose?
Can everyone do what you are proposing? i.e. bad backs, diabetic, pregnant etc.
Don’t set up artificial and meaningless contests?
Competition does not create an experience of success for every individual so beware!
Make sure the day is designed around team members having a greater understanding of one another
They should also get a feeling from any activity that demonstrates “we’re good at what we do”
All the exercises should enable an increased desire to co-operate and help each other out.

If you would like any assistance with bespoke training for your company then please contact your HR180 professional.

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