How #DryJanuary can benefit more than just your health…

December 20, 2019

If you’re like us and you’ve sat back at your desk in January in a pair of veeeerrry tight trousers – listen up.

For those of you joining the masses this January and vowing to quit the booze after a month of overindulgence, it’s not all bad news. It’s been proven that participating in #DryJan can actually benefit more than your health. In fact, it can massively help your career too!


Did you know that excessive alcohol can actually affect your sleep? With these dark mornings, we need all that we can get…

Alcohol has been found to reduce the quality of our sleep, causing us to wake up more times throughout the night and inevitably, be more tired at work the next day. Cutting out alcohol and having a good night’s sleep can work wonders for your productivity and attention span whilst at work, meaning that you’ll leave feeling accomplished rather than crawling back to bed (we hope).

Losing and Saving the extra pounds!

Significantly reducing your alcohol intake throughout January can help you to lose weight and save money – it’s a win win… right?! A previous study which looked at the benefits of #DryJan found that 79% of people saved the pounds and 49% even lost them around the waistband. Ok, we’re in!

Dodge the dreaded hangover

Nobody likes a hangover – the debt you pay for the previous night’s mistakes as you reminisce on a kebab and those extra shots that you promised to stay away from. Oh dear…

As we all know too well, hangovers can make us sick and irritable, which is never good news in the workplace. Being hungover at work could jeopardise the morale of the team and your ability to work together.

Plus, there’s many other health benefits to abstaining from alcohol. These include positive effects on your heart, liver and immune system. It’s certainly a challenge worth taking, even if just for a month after a heavy festive season.

If you’re thinking of giving dry January a go this year, remember that millions of people every year participate in #DryJan – you’re not alone and what better way to try something new than to be in the same boat as many, many others. You could even get the team together and raise money for charity, so that other people can benefit too!

If you’ve already begun, we’re sure you’re bouncing around the office right now with all of your newly discovered energy resources and there’s smoke coming from your keyboard. Keep going – you’re doing amazingly!



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