Their words, not ours!
"Having HR180 on board definitely takes pressure away from us as a business and we would highly recommend them as they really are stars!"
Michael Barrett
General Manager
Liquid Voice
Their words, not ours!
"The team are knowledgeable and work well with our staff."
Taran Sohal

Values we live by

Are we a match?

We prize each and every one of our clients, always acting in their interests, assisting their growth, helping them to succeed!  We have worked as a business partner with our clients for many years because we believe in the following things and we live them every day.  If you believe in them too, we’re destined to do business together!

Commercial and Distinctive Collaborative and in Partnership
  • Finding solutions that make sense for SME businesses
  • Being human, valuing personality, diversity and humour
  • Being innovative and not following the crowd
  • Getting the best from our team and client relationships
  • Going the extra mile as a matter of course
  • Steering clear of hierarchy
Passionate Principled
  • Genuinely caring about what we do and how we do it
  • Being enthusiastic about our clients, ourselves and our jobs
  • Empowering people to be themselves
  • Always working with honesty, integrity and respect
  • If we don’t quite hit the mark we face it, fix it, learn from it and move on
  • Delivering on our promises
Driven to Grow and Succeed
  • Striving for continual learning, improvement and growth
  • Being free and encouraging everyone and every business to be successful
  • Having the courage to change and react to new opportunities





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