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How self service learning can help fill a need

Self-service is everywhere, from our banking through to will writing. We are increasingly looking at how we can be more self sufficient in what we do both in our personal lives and at work.  However, when it comes to learning and our professional development, we still have a very traditional approach to what work place […]

May 13, 2019


Motivate the non-motivated

You could have the most amazing highly skilled team on this planet but if they are not motivated you will get nothing from them. Keeping the whole team motivated isn’t easy and once one person is demotivated it can easily spread and before you know it, you have a whole team that is unhappy, negative […]

April 29, 2019


To do or not to do; Walking the risk tightrope…

    By Becky Mee Those of you who know me, know I’ve taken up kickboxing as I seem to talk about it a lot! In a recent session, whilst sparing with a partner and getting bopped around the head A LOT (I was more like an elephant than a butterfly), I really tried to […]

April 22, 2019


HR does…. Er, what does HR do, again?

People’s perception of what HR does is very different from what we do. Or is it? A recent survey* on what employees believe HR does revealed they very often weren’t that far off the mark.  For example, 79% thought HR deals with disputes and grievance – 70% of HR professionals agreed; 68% thought HR deals […]

April 1, 2019


Supporting and embedding E-Learning into your business

By Isobel Hallam   Employers are increasingly looking at online training courses to meet their employees learning needs. Some people, and some businesses may find it difficult to adapt their view of how training is undertaken. Some may have had a bad experience of online training in the past, or be unsure about how they […]

March 25, 2019


Preparing your team for a change

By Kim Mills To run a successful business you need to move with the times and adapt to the current climate otherwise your business can get left behind. Slicker processes, new systems, a restructure or relocating the team are a handful of changes that may need to happen to keep up with the ever changing […]

March 4, 2019


How to build trust in remote teams

By Nuhman Sharif   It goes without saying that trust is absolutely essential for any remote working scenario: as an employer you have to trust that the employee will deliver the work as per their job description and on the other hand, the employee must trust that they will be treated as a valued member […]

February 25, 2019


There is nothing wrong with being single

By Tim Frear It’s that time of the year again when it’s easy to become increasingly aware that you are single; all those loved up couples are talking about what gifts they have for their partners and what they plan on doing to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I sit here and I feel lucky that again […]

February 4, 2019


What’s the point of workforce planning?

In recent years, workforce planning has become increasingly important for organisations to survive and thrive. There is a need to consistently stay ahead of the game by making sure the right staff are hired at the right time, with the right skill sets and at salaries which your organisation can afford. In this blog, Nuhman […]

January 13, 2019


Why is HR given such a hard time?

Why, when people ask what I do for a living, and I explain that I work in HR, is the response likely to be one of three things: a look a despair, a rather large groan, or comment along the lines of “Tut! HR and their processes for processes sake!”?

December 19, 2018


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