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Gender Pay Gap - Mums Tax?

Gender pay gap: a mum tax?

August 25, 2016

Leadership- best boss

Strategy: How can you combat toxic company culture?

August 24, 2016

HR180 office dogs

HR180 Hounds on the Hunt for Funds

August 23, 2016


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Transition from University to work: why I chose HR

August 16, 2016

HR180 is an award winning, leading edge, outsourced HR department. We think HR, done in a professional, commercial, intelligent and compassionate manner, is a key part of modern business.

We work in partnership with our clients so they can hand over all of their HR worries, whether operational or strategic, and get on with their day-to-day business. Our dedicated team will cost far less than either an HR Manager or your own solicitors and rather than just offer advice we’ll find innovative ways to help you improve your business, making it more efficient and more effective, which usually means more smiles all round.

Outsourced HR     

We’re one-half of a very important partnership; When we say we offer outsourced HR we mean that you get 2 highly qualified, super experienced, can’t do enough for you HR professionals dedicated to your business.

For a fixed monthly fee you effectively gain overnight an entire HR department at your beck and call!  They’re not just on hand to offer you advice and guidance – they’re driving the HR function in your business and that’s why the majority of our clients simply refer to us as “HR”.

A solid set of services; Payroll, Emergency Support (Redundancy, Investigations, Disciplinary), Health and Safety, Mediation, Employee Assistance, Outplacement, 360 Degree Appraisals, Employee Surveys, Recruitment Profiling and use of our HR Management system.

Strategic Support

First Class people strategy; A world class HR function is all about people management, culture and strategy, lining up your employees with your business goals and making sure that everyone is actually striving to achieve the same thing.

We’ll work with you, to design a bespoke HR strategy and build a high-performance culture given that if you have a winning team it follows that you’ll have a winning business.

Pro-active added value; HR Strategy, Change Management, Succession Planning, Cultural Identification, Leadership Development, Talent Management, Team Building and Remuneration and Reward.

HR Temperature Check

With over 80 years hands-on HR experience, our HR professionals have seen it all, done it all and solved it all.  That’s why we deliver a detailed, in-depth, two-day Temperature Check of your people strategy; to ensure it is fit for purpose and aligns to your business goals.

Our full report offers a detailed analysis of real opportunities (not scare tactics) to identify and address the people challenges in your business whilst offering practical recommendations that will set your mind at rest, ensure you are on track and set for future growth.

The reason why:  Expert recommendations, business planning, people strategy, objective viewpoint, reduction of risk, review and audit of HR, business aspirations, growth goals.

Special Projects

Our team of dedicated HR professionals, are able to deliver various special projects that create added value for your business, which can save you hours of management time.

From planning and implementing the closure of an entire organisation to handling grievance claims and cases of sexual harassment, we have plenty of experience in investigations, mediation, and resolutions.  Objective, professional and discreet, we give you an informed point of view and will guide everyone through the process every step of the way.

Making a difference:  Investigations, Appeals, Redundancy,
Re-structures, Mergers, Acquisitions, Mediation Tribunal Preparation, Flexible Working Appeals.

Let's talk!

Call Recording

All calls made to and from HR180 are recorded by call recording software. These are encrypted, may be used in a court of law and are principally used for training, monitoring and advice verification purposes. All witness or recruitment interviews conducted by an HR180 consultant will be recorded and the participant will be informed.